My Philosophy

Since 1999, I have been coaching athletes in a local environment and from a distance. Sometimes there is a great distance, such as internationally, where several hours and many time zones separate me from the athletes I coach. That is why I put a tremendous amount of focus on the athlete-coach relationship. I take a personal interest in every athlete I coach. This is what separates my coaching from the run-of-the-mill on-line variety.

I limit the total quantity of athletes that I will work with at any given time. Yes, this may not be the most business savvy approach. However, coaching, teaching, investing and leading is what it really comes down to for me.

Seeing athletes not only reach goals that they have dreamed about, but also improving the quality of their training and life - these are the things that keep me coaching. The raw fact of the matter is that we all have limited time on this earth. Since the day of our birth, we all have something in common. At some time in the future, we all will die.. I used to think that life was about how much stuff I could accomplish while I was here. That has been a huge struggle for me because I am an achiever, which is how I am wired. God is not keeping score, but he has commanded us to love him and love other people. The chief end of man is to "Glorify God and enjoy Him forever" - that is my life motto. So as I coach by assisting people in a practical way, helping them with structure and the pursuit of endurance dreams, I pray that along the way they experience the power of Christ through the Holy Spirit, that this would be glorifying to God, and that the power of the Holy Spirit would work and change peoples lives.

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