Dr. Ron Shashy

"I've worked with Kevin for several years. He gives me a personal touch that few on-line coaches can. He's available for thoughtful insight and is knowledgeable based on experience and his training/reading. He knows my work and family constraints are limiters but always works around these. He pushes me with volume and intensity at just the right times. I trust his approach because of consistent results. My wife comments to me, "You can complain about Kevin working you hard, but he gets results. You dropped 25 minutes from your Ironman time the first year and another 30 minutes the second."

Chad Holderbaum

"The time spent working with Kevin has made me realize the true potential I have as an athlete. As Kevin says, "Success is in the Journey" and every word of that is true. In 2008, Kevin coached me to a sub 10 hour Ironman, a sub 3 hour marathon and a sub 4:20 Half Ironman. To be honest, the journey was hard and long, but the positive reinforcement he gave me helped me push through all of the difficult struggles along the way. All of the workouts he gave me had a purpose and he was always there for me when I needed advice and direction. He has helped me create a balance in my life between my family and Triathlon. I couldn't be more thankful to have had Kevin as a coach!"

Bill Eisner

".....I had only one goal, to qualify for Hawaii in 2004. ........ I finished in 9:23:58, 30 minutes better than 2002. I ended up 5th in the 30-34 age group and realized a 12 year dream of qualifying for Hawaii. Best of all it was almost easy, or at least automatic because we had practiced it all before. I had been there in training and on race day I barely had to think about it. Kevin had pushed me hard enough to allow me to actually compete in Ironman and enjoy it."

Gregg Riess

"....Coach Kevin has been a very important member of my "Triathlon team". ..... Kevin's expertise was invaluable because it was based on his personal experience in training and competing at Ironman USA....... Kevin took his knowledge and his passion for the sport, and combined that with his desire to help people like me accomplish goals. "

Rob Garza

"...... Kevin would attend track workouts that took place at 5:30-6:00 in the morning. This encouraged me to work harder to meet my weekly goals that he had set for me..... Kevin is a motivator, a person who can know your limits, and push you to succeed....... He is very knowledgeable and confident in his answers and explains them very clearly, putting examples in to provide clear instructions on the workout."

Lynn Malir

"......I ran competitively in college, the 800 meters was my specialty. Although I wasn't experienced at the marathon distance, I knew enough about competitive track and 10k racing to assess the value of Kevin's plan. ....... Thanks to Kevin's program I was well prepared. ........ He took my limitations, 4 days available for training, and turned it into a strong plan. ....... Kevin was always available to talk to about the training when I needed it. ...... Running Boston was a dream come true. I stayed healthy, which was a big concern for me, had an experience of a lifetime, and ran Boston in 3 hours and 39 minutes."

Marian Smith

"...... He is a coach who possesses a natural gift of coaching and is able to effectively convey, to his athletes, the messages of psychological, physical, and emotional dedication that is necessary to succeed at the sport...... I noticed immense improvements in my racing last year, as Kevin encouraged me to overcome several psychological barriers. ..... Kevin has demonstrated that he is immersed in the exercise literature and is interested in conveying the most up-to-date knowledge of the physical skills that are required for triathlon."

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